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This are some photos of some friends, family and me.


Me&Andy my wife to be! ;)
Another one of me&Andy
ME as 'the Crow' on Halloween 1998
Very scary one of me!!! (NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED)
Photo of my sister Lucy
Photo of Brother my Wern
Photo of my Mum
Photo of my Dad
Photo of my aunt Stella
Photo of my two cousins and uncle (from right to left: Heather John and Deborah)
Photo of my Nan and Grandpa

Photos of my moms wedding

The cake
The grome
Me step sister Almut
Me Step bro
A lovely picture of my nan
I want U (My grandpa)
My brother
Another one of me
The back of me sisters fantastic top


Photo of Thomas, my most excellent friend!
Photo of Tom's sister Sara, most excellent friend too.
Photo of 'Achim' Tom and Sara's Brother.
Photo of the COOLEST rabbit in the world! His name is Speedy and he is Sara's pet! Love him.

Friends from the 'Mosh' rock society @ UCSM (luv em all)

This is Ally
Jan + Kelly who are now engaged
This is Helen
This is Nicola
This is Sarah

Friends from College and Mill Hall

Caroline, she is in my OT course
Chris and Alan both in my course
Nicola also in my course
Mary she just leavt the course :(
This is Selena
The awesome Leanne. She likes pink u know ,)
Shaggy well David. That his real name.
This is Louese
This is Christa
This is Steve
All this ppl I care for on E-foor in Mill Hall

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