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exMOSH Alison who has now finished college and is home. We miss and love you lots!


  Happy Nic
 You want to know what she is saying "RAA"
 Bouncy Nic
 Hmm so she does go to the toilet to?? Puzzeling??


Our most honourable exCHAIR WOMAN


  This is our most honourable CHAIR WOMAN! (Her comment: "F**K off Chris)
 Come to mama! Raaaaaaaaa
 This was Bekki's birthday! If you wondering what she is holding in her hand, it's a piece of bog role with "Happy Birthday Bekki" on it from Mat and Becky. Hmm? Interesting.
Give it to me baby! ahah
 Pouting, sexy or just a bad day?
This is Bekki's life size alien, and he has taken a photo of himself?
This is Bekki's dog.

Nic and Bekki

 "Nic can you remember how much we had to drink?


 Chris's famous rat impression grrrrrr
 Chris and Kelly with matching lipstick
uhhhh look @ the pickled onion (Remind me why I put this on the net Bekki??)


 "I'm not worthy"


 Distress, shock and horror at losing frisbee!


 uhh it blue!!! ahhhhhhhh!!! (Alicia in the back)
 Jan and Mat. What the hell is going on there?? hmmm??

The Story of the Lamp post

Once upon a time the was a lamppost.. it grew older there were..
..many people that wanted to..
..hug the unique and special lamppost..
..and did so, as it was in front of the Alex.
And they live happly ever after. THE END

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© 24.09.99, Chris Freundel